Transmission Filters

Are you working on a transmission and need to replace the transmission filter? Drop the pan and change out the transmission filter that fits the vehicle you are working on. Find all of the right parts when you visit Transend. You are already using the right transmission fluid. You also need to make sure you have a quality trans filter to continuously clean the fluid. Without the right filter, impurities can lead to increased wear and decreased performance.

transmission filter

When you look up your transmission on Transend, you will find a variety of OE quality aftermarket filters and kits for every budget and application. We carry a full line of in-line filters and sumps to keep your transmission fluid functioning like new. A clogged or improperly installed transmission filter can make it so transmission fluid cannot cycle through properly. This can also lead to rattling, leaks, and even loss of shifting performance.

Automatic Transmission Filter

Our aftermarket transmission filters will meet or exceed OE standards for high-efficiency transmission fluid filtration. Our quality filters help prevent any loose materials that may be in the fluid from re-entering your transmission. When you check fitment for the transmission you are working on you will find most transmission filters on Transend as well as any other necessary components like gaskets and fluids.

Transmission Fluids

Taking care of and using the right transmission fluid is key to extended efficient function and the life of any transmission. Keeping that fluid clean means having a quality transmission filter in place. When you are replacing a transmission filter, you are going to need to replace the fluid you drained out. Thankfully, we carry a complete line of multi-vehicle transmission fluids available in quarts, 2.5 gallons, and 55-gallon drums.

transmission filter pan gasket

Pan Gasket

Make sure the pan is sealed correctly! It is recommended you replace the transmission pan gasket. When you visit Transend, you will find a variety of gaskets including paper, cork, and molded rubber.

External Transmission Filter

allison transmission filter

If you are working with an external transmission filter located on the transmission housing you can search our extensive inventory that covers most makes and models, including Allison Transmissions.

Warning Signs of Transmission Service Needed
When working on any transmission look for signs that transmission service may be needed. These signs could be leaking transmission fluid, fluid that appears dirty, shifting problems, a burning smell, or even smoke. Many vehicles will need a transmission flush and filter anywhere between 50,000 to 75,000 miles. Depending on the wear and condition of the system, you may want to replace the trans filter and pan gasket as well as refill all of the transmission fluid.