Protective Work Gloves for Your Shop

Keep your hands clean and safe with our complete line of protective work gloves. When you visit Transend, you can find a variety of protective gloves from reusable work gloves to one-time use disposable nitrile gloves. We have what you need.

When you work with your hands it is common to experience scratches, cuts, or burns. You may also get exposed to chemicals that can cause damage to your skin or batteries where there is a chance of electrocution. You need your hands to be protected, but you also need the functionality to be able to do your job. Find the right gloves for your application from our wide selection of inventory.

Reusable Work Gloves

Flexzilla Protective Gloves

Reusable work gloves come in a variety of materials and designs. You may find you need leather work gloves that are water-resistant. Maybe you are looking for a breathable fabric work glove that has a rubber coated hand to help grip. These materials are beneficial to protect your hands when dealing with common temperature extremes or corrosive chemicals used in auto repair. Some of these gloves also have padding on the back of the hand to protect from potential impacts while working.

Reusable gloves are great to keep on hand when doing multiple, simple repairs to help conserve your stock of disposable gloves. Reusable gloves can also be more comfortable on your hands overall, especially once the gloves are broken in.

Disposable Work Gloves

latex work glove

Disposable work gloves will typically come in either latex rubber or nitrile, and we also offer polyethylene gloves in various sizes. You have probably found in your experience that nitrile gloves are typically more durable than latex. This is important when dealing with some of the more corrosive fluids used in automobiles and auto repair. Latex gloves are often better suited to keep hands clean when doing simpler tasks like changing the oil or other light maintenance tasks.

Protective Gloves Available on Transend

Whatever style of glove, disposable or reusable, you are looking for we have you covered. With a variety of brands and styles, you will always find what you are looking for. You can add these great items to any order since you use them daily.

Reusable Gloves:

Disposable Gloves

High Voltage Protective Gloves

If your shop does any work with changing out hybrid batteries, investing in the proper PPE is critical. This includes the protective rubber gloves, the leather protective gloves, and a storage bag to make sure the gloves do not get damaged. We offer the stand-alone high voltage gloves available in the event they tear. You can purchase a kit that has all of the items included. Shop for these items now on Transend.

You can also learn more from our very own Dave Hritsko for some tips on how to change hybrid batteries safely.