Driveline Parts from Transtar

Transtar has everything you need to complete your next Driveline repair job.  When you partner with Transtar, you will find thousands of driveline parts, covering hundreds of differential series. Same or next-day delivery allows us to provide industry-leading customer service.

Whatever driveline parts you are looking for you can count on finding the right parts on transend with our Differential Lookup Tool. We offer a full line of parts to complete your complex vehicle repairs, including:

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  • Differential Kits & Covers
  • Driveshafts & Axles
  • Joints, Clips, Nuts, and Bolts
  • Differential Fluids and More

Differential Bearing Kits

With over 200 Differential Bearing Kits available on transend, you will be sure to find the right one for your repair. Each kit will typically include:

Differential Dearing Kit Box
  • Front and Rear Pinion Bearings
  • Carrier Bearings
  • Pinion Nut, Seal, and Shims
  • Crush Sleeve
  • Gear Marking Compound and Application Brush

While each kit can vary on components, axle bearings and axle seals are sold separately to specifically fit your application.

Posi Traction


Use the many different Posi-Traction options available on transend to look up the right limited-slip or locking differential for your customer’s needs.

Ring and Pinion

Ring and Pinion

We can help you complete your build with a large variety of gear ratios, diameters, and spline counts to meet your ring and pinion needs. With parts from the top ring and pinion manufacturers, transend will help you maximize driveline performance.

Slip Yokes

Slip Yoke

On transend, you can find a large selection of slip yokes to meet all of your performance needs. Whether it is on the street, drag strip, or dirt track we have you covered.

Pinion Yoke

Pinion Yoke

Pinion yokes can wear out and become damaged over time. We carry a complete line of general replacement and performance series pinion yokes. Whatever your application is, you can find the right part on transend.

Prop Shaft

Prop Shaft

Our remanufactured shaft assemblies are completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. We use only components that meet OEM specifications.

Drive Shafts

Rear Drive Shaft

All of our remanufactured driveshafts use only components that meet strict OEM specifications. All of the drive shaft assembly components are disassembled, cleaned, and inspected to ensure quality. Keep those wheels moving with our array of aftermarket driveshafts.

Front and Rear Axle Shafts

Rear Axle Shaft

As one of the largest suppliers of axle shafts, all of our shafts meet or exceed OEM specifications. All axles are thoroughly tested.

Internal Nest Kits

Internal Nest Kit

We use high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting products inside our internal nest kits. Each internal nest kit includes two side gears, two pinion gears, cross pin shafts, and spider gear thrust washers.

Full Spool

Full Spool

If you find that you are doing a lot of work to repair off-road, racing, or hot rod damage, the full spool is great for traction differential. High-quality materials provide high strength and durability providing 100% traction at all times.

Mini Spools

Mini Spool

The difference between a full spool and a mini spool is strength. Mini spools will drive like a full spool but are not quite as strong as a full spool. This means they do not support the ring gear. A mini spool replaces the spider gears and locks the left and right axle shafts together.

Differential Covers

Differential Cover

Take care of and protect your rear differential with the wide variety of differential covers that can be found on transend. The risk of leaking gear oil or even a potential break is much greater when you have a damaged cover.

Ring Gear Bolts

Ring Gear Bolts

The ring gear bolts that you will find on transend are designed and tested to meet OEM specifications. We carry a full line of small parts that includes ring gear bolts and everything else that you need to get your driveline job done.

Pinion Nuts

Pinion Nut

When your next driveline job rolls into your shop, the OEM quality of these pinion nuts will make your job easier, saving you time and money.

Case Lockscrew

Case Lockscrew

Just like the rest of our driveline offerings, the case lockscrews that we carry are held to the highest standards. This axle part will be replaced with the same OEM performance and reliability standards that you have come to expect from Transtar.

Axle C-Clips

Axle C-Clips

In order to help you complete every installation, our small parts offerings are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. For whatever differential job you have you can count on these high-quality axle c-clips.

Pinion Seal

Pinion Seal

One of the easier parts of any driveline job is replacing a leaking pinion seal. A leak is also one of the biggest reasons for a differential failure. Our OE quality pinion seals will help keep you and your customer happy.

Carrier Shim Kits

Carrier Shim Kits

Make your installation simple and easy with the large selection of carrier shim kits available from Transtar on transend. The kits we carry will fit almost any vehicle so you know you have the right shims for every setup.

Pinion Shim Kits

Pinion Shim Kit

The shims that we carry will fit any vehicle you may be working on. When you order from transend you will have the right pinion shims for every setup.

Axle Bearing and Seal Kits

Axle Bearing
Axle Seal

We stock multiple axle bearing and axle seal kits that fit almost any vehicle on the road. Our quality axle bearing kits and seal kits are high strength and follow tight tolerances to ensure a long life.

Crush Sleeve

Crush Sleeve

When you have to replace an old crush sleeve, you can count on Transtar to have the parts you need.

Clutch Packs

Clutch Packs

The clutch plates we offer are thicker than OE clutch plates. When rebuilding this allows you to skim cut adjacent surfaces. Most often, a thin, fragile, single-sided OE clutch is the cause of clutch burnup. Distorted clutches take clearance out of spec, making burn up inevitable.

Differential Cases

Differential Case

Protect your differentials with our full selection of differential cases. When you are choosing such a critical driveline part our high-quality differential cases will get the job done for you.

ABS Tone Rings

ABS Tone Rings

If you run into a damaged or failed ABS ring, Transtar has what you are looking for. When you look up parts on transend you can find ABS Tone Rings to fit any vehicle that is on the road today.



When you see a bad U-joint come into your shop you can trust to find a quality replacement on transend. Select from our high-quality aftermarket U-joint driveline replacements.

Differential Driveline Fluids

Differential Fluid

Transtar branded, fully synthetic gear lubricants are made with premium base oils and additives to make them appropriate for almost every differential application. Differential fluids are available in quart and 5-gallon sizes.

These fluids cover a wide temperature range, have amazing low-temperature fluidity, and have improved cleanliness since they are more thermally stable. They are also compatible with the most widely used seal elastomers. You can also trust that our line of differential fluids meets GL-5, MT-1, and J2630 performance standards.

Engine Mounts and Transmission Mounts

Transmission Mount

Engine Mounts and Transmission Mounts can often cause noise and vibration. Engine and Transmission movement can cause great damage. We have all the replacements you can need to complete your driveline repair.

Engine Mount